Sweet Beginnings

The Peachy Treats Story

The story of Peachy Treats Brisbane, an Australian-based bakery with nationwide shipping, traces back to its roots in Ipswich when Georgia embarked an a journey to turn her passion for baking into a means of making a living during the pandemic as a way to combat the rising cost of rent and overheads .

Peachy Treats emerged from the heart of her family’s kitchen, initially serving friends and family as a hobby. However, word quickly spread about the exceptional cakes brownies, and blondies, leading to overwhelming demand that outgrew the kitchen’s capacitiy.

Today, Peachy Treats Brisbane has evolved into an award-winning establishment. It boasts a high energy operating system from a home commercial kitchen as well as several separate pop up locations. The brand has successfully tapped into the thriving wholesale market and now offers an online postal service, delivering their irresistible treats to satisfied customers across Australia.